Richard's Supply Inc.

Design - Sales - Service - Support

  • Restaurant Equipment & Supplies  -  refrigeration, ice makers, ventilation hoods, stainless fabrication, walk in coolers/freezers and more....
  • Galley Equipment & Supplies for the marine industry throughout the Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic Ocean, and abroad.  
  • Kitchen & Galley design/specify division that specializes in bringing an idea on a napkin to a real life design.
  • Repair Parts and Service division to serve the southern Louisiana market and the Gulf Coast.
Our primary focus has been on the marine and oilfield industry and the communities that support these hard working families.  We just celebrated 40 years of business in 2017.  With our dedication to customer satisfaction and customer success, we choose to be a partner in your operations, and not just a vendor.  We want to grow with you, our loyal customer.   Our company is the authorized distributor for all major brands of kitchen equipment and supplies.  We are also the authorized service agent for most of the brands with trained and knowledgeable technicians and well equipped vehicles form most jobs.  We also became a general supply store for most of our marine and oilfield customers due to demand of becoming a "one stop shop" for them.  We are an authorized distributor for many safety and industrial supplies in our Marine and Industrial Division.  

In 2016 Richard's acquired the oldest kitchen supply store in New Orleans, LOUBAT FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT COMPANY.  Loubat was founded in 1875 and has been a staple in the restaurant industry of New Orleans for all of these years.  With this acquisition came a great responsibility to maintain 2 great companies outstanding reputations and hold true to their strengths.  Richard's, being known for the galley design and supply specialty and Loubat for the New Orleans restaurant design and supply specialty.  The combination of the 2 is a perfect pairing and has shown great value to the organization.  A satellite store in New Orleans is a consideration and will become a reality once we see the demand from our loyal customers in that region.  We deliver weekly to the New Orleans area and are showing growth in this market as we focus on our customers success in that area. 




Hobart, Vulcan, Manitowoc, Garland, Cleveland, Blodget, Lang, True, Toastmaster, Siver King, Frymaster, Pitco, Captive Aire, Scotsman, Hoshizaki, Ice O Matic, Viking,  


Press Release:

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Houma’s Richard's Restaurant Supply Enters Local Market With Loubat Acquisition
See the latest article in the Biz New Orleans regarding Richard's Supply acquisition of Loubat Food Supply.

New Orleans City Business

Houma Food Service Equipment Company Acquires Loubat of New Orleans
Richard's Supply has acquired Loubat Glassware & Cork Company in New Orleans, a firm that began business 142 years ago in the French Quarter and has supplied many of the city’s famous restaurants.