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Trays, Platters, Tray Stands
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WDL001-302 TFG-11K TFG-14K
(TFG-14K) Deluxe Tray - Winco
Our Price: $6.02 ea.
Deluxe Tray, 14" dia., round, self-molded non-slip surface, resists peeling, not recommended to soak in hot water, fiberglass, black, NSF (Qty Break = 6 each)
TT-46 CCT-18 CCT-2114
(TT-46) Tip Tray - Winco
Our Price: $8.60 dz.
Oval Cater Tray
Our Price: $10.03 ea.
Oblong Cater Tray
Our Price: $15.17 ea.
Tip Tray, 4-1/2" x 6-1/2", rectangular, plastic, black, gold imprint: "Thank You" (Qty Break = 12 dozen)
TSY-1A Texas Cutting Board TFG-2622K
(TSY-1A) Tray Stand - Winco
Our Price: $20.67 ea.
Texas Cutting Board
Our Price: $24.99
Oval Deluxe Tray
Our Price: $27.43 ea.
Tray Stand, with bar, 31", chrome steel (Qty Break = 6 each)